And the Night Illuminated the Night

Independent Release, 2011

About And the Night Illuminated the Night:

"...wonderfully scored."

- The New York Times

"...a string quartet replaces the electronic droning with melancholic warmth while maintaining a foreboding air. The effect is arresting, especially since the accompanying imagery retains its bright hues throughout.Whilst clocking at just over thirty minutes, Sacrament makes quite an impression, its desolate soundscapes and the way they are applied proving particularly captivating."

- LA Weekly

And the Night Illuminated the Night is a two-movement string quartet written for experimental filmmaker Betzy Bromberg's hypnotic 16mm film, Voluptuous Sleep. The film, described as a "meditation on the nuances of light, sound and feeling evoked through the poetic artifices of cinema," premiered at the New York Film Festival and was selected by the New York Times as one of the best films of 2011 alongside more mainstream choices such as Bridesmaids, Hugo, and Moneyball.