Sony's Kill Strain Launches for PS4


Sony's innovative, three-way MOBA Kill Strain has launched exclusively on PS4. I composed a heavy, electronic and noise based score for the game.

Robert Allaire | Special Blood Score Release


The original score to Special Blood has arrived. More information here.

MatPat's Game Lab Now Live on YouTube Red


YouTube Red Original MatPat's Game Lab explores the intersection of science and video games as YouTube Creator MatPat takes his wildly popular Game Theorists' series to the next level. Across eight locations, he and his friends immerse themselves inside the real-world environments of eight hit games.

Holidays Now Available on VOD



Anthology horror film Holidays is launching theatrically and on VOD. I scored two of the segments, "Christmas" with director Scott Stewart, and "New Years Eve" with director Adam Egypt Mortimer.

Available on iTunes

Too Late Score Now Available on Vinyl


The Too Late Original Score vinyl pressing has arrived! The album is released through Foe Killer Records and the vinyl is being distributed by Light In The Attic.

More info and purchasing options.

Holidays Official Trailer

03.26.16 interview for Some Kind of Hate


I spoke with Emily Rose at about handling sharp objects to record the score for Some Kind of Hate.

In new horror film "Some Kind of Hate," razors are the villain's weapon of choice. And razors were the composer's instrument of choice, of sorts. In the new supernatural slasher, Moira, the spirit of a bullied girl, wields razor blades in her quest for ghostly revenge. Composer Robert Allaire scraped razor blades across the strings of a Fender Strat guitar to create dissonant, unsettling sounds for score of the film, which opens in theaters today. - This composer used razors on guitars for new horror movie ‘Some Kind of Hate’

Some Kind of Hate Soundtrack Release


The noisy, messy, original score for Some Kind of Hate is now available in all the usual places.

More info here.

Some Kind of Hate in Select Theaters Friday


Entertainment Weekly: How the director of Some Kind of Hate turned a Disney star into a slasher villain


Entertainment Weekly - How the director of Some Kind of Hate turned a Disney star into a slasher villain

Too Late review/press roundup


LA Times - Los Angeles Film Festival: John Hawkes in unusual detective tale 'Too Late'
"The cohesiveness between the film’s story and the style of its telling is remarkable..."

Indiewire - LA Film Fest: How This Director Shot His First Feature in 35mm and 5 Long Takes
"Too Late makes a strong case for celluloid film as more than the stuff of nostalgia."

Crave - Too Late Is Too Great
" impressive and tense murder mystery shot in just a handful of takes."

Crome Yellow - LAFF '15 Review: 'Too Late'
"As far as debuts go, writer/director Dennis Hauck could've made a mark with much less, but then we wouldn't have Too Late"

Ain't It Cool - LAFF '15: Vinyard digs the emotionally raw A BEAUTIFUL NOW and the jaw-droppingly cool TOO LATE!
" inventive, ambitious, clever, and shockingly elegant that it feels more unique and less like Tarantino than basically any of his imitators, not to mention other easy comparisons like Altman or Paul Thomas Anderson."

Entertainment Weekly - John Hawkes on more Deadwood, that Amy Schumer sketch, and his new movie Too Late

Too Late premiering at LA Film Festival


Too Late starring John Hawkes, will be premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The film will be presented in 35mm at LACMA's Bing Theater with a follow-up screening at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE. Tickets available here.

Variety: Los Angeles Film Festival Unveils Lineup

Healthcare documentary Special Blood Trailer


Very excited about the progress being made on passion project Special Blood, the documentary I co-wrote with director/producer Natalie Metzger and also scored. Here's a first look at the trailer and also a preview of the score recorded here in LA.

Some Kind of Hate to premiere at the Stanley Film Festival


Indiewire - Stanley Film Festival Announces Full Lineup

Scoring begins for Some Kind of Hate


I'm going to be doing some really messed up music for Adam Egypt Mortimer's clever slasher, Some Kind of Hate, starring Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps, and Sierra McCormick. Lots of noise and razor blades on instruments for this one.

Some Kind of Hate

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Valve has announced music kits for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that replace all the music for the game from artists like Noisia, Feed Me, and Austin Wintory. Mine is called "Insurgency".

Scoring complete for Dennis Hauck's Too Late


We finished our recording session with the orchestra in late July, and now the score is finished! Can't wait for this film to be released!

American Horror Story: Coven Debut is Most-Watched Ever


FX's premiere of American Horror Story: Coven is the highest rated ever, pulling in 5.54 million viewers. Including encore runs, the show delivered 7.78 million total viewers.

American Horror Story: Coven Debut is Most-Watched Ever

Contributing additional music for American Horror Story: Coven and NBC's new Ironside


I'm hitting the ground running this TV season, contributing music to two shows: American Horror Story: Coven and NBC's remake of the classic Ironside. Keep it coming.

American Horror Story: Asylum nabs 17 Emmy nominations


It's a hit! American Horror Story: Asylum is leading the way into the 2013 Emmys with 17 (!) nominations.

Scoring Aurora Notte Begins


Nonetheless Productions', Aurora Notte is a wonderful dark comedy that follows Alda (88), who on the eve of her planned retirement to a nursing home disappears. She retreats into the town of her memories and reconnects with both the past and the present, gaining the resolve to "arrive alive to death." The film is director Giulia Caruso's feature debut.

The Night Country Launches


The Night Country

Inspired by hallucinations experienced during sleep paralysis,The Night Country is a three-part art horror anthology directed by evil genius, Oliver Franklin Anderson. The first part, A Study in Blue, was completed in late January.

Oliver is a brilliant director and artist, and after seeing his animated short Hollow, I knew we were meant to work together.

Sacrament Wraps Principal Photography


Photo by Angela Marklew


The film adaptation of Sacrament wrapped principal photography Sunday, and the shoot was a big success. Sacrament premiered in 2011 as a dance theater piece that I co-created with director/choreographer Natalie Metzger, and will be making it's film debut sometime this year.

Dark Southern drama The Beautiful Dead


The Beautiful Dead

This amazing looking film is still in development, but I'm happy to have already composed some music for it. The Beautiful Dead will be the feature debut of director Kyle Rynicki, whose skill behind the camera knows no bounds. Part high-concept thriller and part love letter to the landscape of the American South, what exists of the film so far is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Thrilled to be working with this great director.

Contributing music for American Horror Story


American Horror Story: Asylum

You'll be able to hear some original cues of mine in the next season of American Horror Story. They like to have me do the really gruesome, messed up scenes, which suits me just fine.

Premieres Oct. 17 at 10pm on FX.

Synth programming for 2K Games' XCOM



I've been working closely with one Garry Schyman, one of my favorite video game composers, contributing synth lines to some of his cues for 2K Games' upcoming XCOM remake.

The original XCOM just so happens to be one of my favorite games of all time, so yes, fun all around.

Speaking at the LA Film Festival


Following a screening of our short films, I'll be joining fellow composers Kevin Teasly, Sarah Schachner, and Dan Mufson with directors Mason Richards, Susana Casares, Dan Mufson, and Aaron Celious for a panel discussion on collaboration between composers and directors and our experiences participating in the inaugural ASCAP/Project Involve Composers Workshop.

Thursday, Jun 21 @ 7:50pm
Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14

Talk Score to Me: Emerging Filmmakers on Collaborating with Composers

Surgeon General's Warning at the Park City Film Music Festival


If you happen to be at the Park City FIlm Music Festival this week, you can see the film I scored and co-directed with Natalie Metzger.

Saturday, May 26 @ 9pm
Prospector Theatre 3


Monday, May 28 @ 9am
Egyptian Theatre

Here's the trailer:

Voluptuous Sleep New York Times Best of 2011


It would seem that I missed this piece of news when it actually hit. Back in December, Manohla Dargis, co-chief film critic for The New York Times, includedVoluptuous Sleep among her choices of best films of 2011. Other films on the list included Hugo, Moneyball, Bridesmaids, and Melancholia.

Voluptuous Sleep is actually a two-part film series. I scored the second part, And the Night Illuminated the Night. Below are a couple excerpts from the score:

Sacrament live at Highways Performance Space


The full Sacrament dance theater piece, which I co-developed with director/choreographer Natalie Metzger, will be performed this Friday and Saturday at Highways Performance Space. LA Weekly names it one of "five artsy things to do this week."

Highways Performance Space
1651 18th St., Santa Monica
Friday-Saturday, March 30-31
(310) 315-1459

Sacrament at Highways Performance Space

The Milk Factory reviews Sacrament


"Whilst clocking at just over thirty minutes, Sacrament makes quite an impression, its desolate soundscapes and the way they are applied proving particularly captivating. Furthermore, if the soundtrack was originally conceived to accompany a dance performance, it actually works extremely well as a standalone piece and truly deserves to be recognised in its own right."

ROBERT ALLAIRE: Sacrament (The Milk Factory)

New Short: Barely


I scored a new short dance film by Colin Connor and Natalie Metzger.

This track uses prepared violin, prepared guitar, and cello.

Sacrament Album Released


I couldn't be happier to finally announce that Sacrament is now available for streaming and download. I'm very proud of this music and the phenomenal dance theater work by Natalie Metzger it was created for.

Purchase it on iTunes
Stream and pay what you want at

The NY Times: Voluptuous Sleep is "wonderfully scored..."


Manohla Dargis of The New York Times praises Voluptuous Sleep as being "wonderfully scored."

Voluptuous Sleep is a two part film series by experimental filmmaker Betzy Bromberg. I scored the second part of the series, And the Night Illuminated the Night. Both parts screened at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 8th, 2011.

And The Night Heads to the New York Film Festival


I'm very proud today to announce that And the Night Illuminated the Night, by the incomparable Betzy Bromberg, is headed to the 49th annual New York Film Festival.

And the Night Illuminated the Night is the second in a two-part abstract film series entitled Voluptuous Sleep. Composing the score for the second film was an absolute pleasure, and I'm still completely mesmerized by the arresting imagery of both films.


Dances Made to Order: Surgeon General's Warning


I've collaborated on a new film project with Natalie Metzger for the monthly dance film series, Dances Made to Order. I handled cinematography and music, while Natalie choreographed and edited.

The film can be seen after Wednesday, August 3rd at

Robert Joins the OmniMedia Music Composers Roster


Excellent news! I'm extra ultra happy to now be represented by games industry vet Adam Levenson on OmniMedia Music's composer roster for video games and interactive media.

Allaire and For Water Net Musical Excellence Award


I'm happy to report that my score for For Water was awarded a bronze medal for musical excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival! Not too bad for a score written in a couple days using, among other things, a nail file and broken light bulb.

Allaire at the Park City Film Music Festival


For Water, directed by Natalie Metzger, will be showing at the Park City Film Music Festival in May.

From the PCFMF website:

This is the first film festival in the world singularly recognizing the contribution of composers and their music to film, and the first of such festivals in the Americas. Awards are given in the categories of Best Use of Music in Full-Length Feature Film, Best Use of Music in Documentary Film, and Best Use of Music in Short Film and, new this year, Best Performance/Experimental Music Film. 

LA Weekly review of Betzy Bromberg's Voluptuous Sleep Series


a string quartet replaces the electronic droning with melancholic warmth while maintaining a foreboding air. The effect is arresting, especially since the accompanying imagery retains its bright hues throughout.
LA Weekly: Betzy Bromberg's Voluptuous Sleep Series at REDCAT

And the Night Illuminated the Night premieres at REDCAT


Betzy Bromberg's two part film series Voluptuous Sleep premieres tonight at REDCAT at 8pm. I scored the second of the two films, And The Night Illuminated the Night.

Graced with the almost liturgical chords of a string quartet (two
violins, a viola, a cello), the second part, And the Night Illuminated the
Night brings echoes of François Couperin's Leçons de Ténèbres (Lessons
of Darkness) or the "night of the soul" experienced by the mystics – but
also Nathaniel Dorsky's reflection on the stained glasses in the medieval
cathedrals, that carried "a sense that the source of illumination wasn't
outside ourselves, but that we were perhaps the source of that light, that
our human experience might be compared to a luminous bubble
suspended in darkness." (Devotional Cinema)

Where We Live screening at the 4th Gulf Film Festival in Dubai


4th Gulf Film Festival

Where We Live has been selected to screen at the 4th Gulf Film Festival in Dubai, UAE. Congratulations to director Fady Hadid and the rest of the production team!

Sacrament performances March 9, 10, 11 at California Institute of the Arts


An evening length work of dark, sensuous choreography by Natalie Metzger, Sacrament features my original electronic score. The music was created by recording and processing ambient feedback, mixer loops, and general mayhem, much of which was filtered using recorded vocals, human breath, and the sound of my own heart.

No late seating. No children under 13.


  • Date: March 9 - 11, 2011
  • Time: 8:00pm
  • Venue: Sharon Disney Lund Theater, California Institute of the Arts
  • Address: 24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91350
  • Admission: Free

60x60 Orchestra to include my piece short piece Filament


I'm happy to announce that my short piece for orchestra, Filament, will be included in the first ever 60x60 Orchestra compilation. A production schedule is forthcoming!

60x60 is a project containing 60 works each 60 seconds in length presented continuously in an hour performance synchronized with an analog clock. The 60x60 mission is to present an audible slice of what is happening in the contemporary music scene by representing 60 works that are diverse in aesthetic and style.

Since 2003, the music of more than 1200 contemporary composers has been featured on the Electroacoustic 60x60 project. Thousands of audience members from Berlin to Chicago to New York City to Los Angeles and points in between have experienced this innovative program which synchronizes a clock with 60 one-minute electroacoustic compositions. The 60x60 Orchestra Project brings this innovative listening experience into symphony concert halls.

For Water screening at Frameworks Dance Film Series


For Water, by dance film artist Natalie Metzger, will be screening at the Frameworks Dance Film Series with my original score.

  • Date: Sunday, February 13, 2011
  • Time: 3:00pm
  • Venue: Dance New Amsterdam
  • Address: 280 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
  • Admission: $10 general

And the Night Illuminated the Night premiering at REDCAT


“Images that, once seen, will stay with you forever.” —LA Weekly

Betzy Bromberg's And the Night Illuminated the Night, the truly phenomenal film which I had the great pleasure of scoring, will be premiering at REDCAT.

  • Date: Monday, April 4, 2011
  • Time: 8:30pm
  • Venue: REDCAT
  • Address: 631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Admission: $9 general admission, $7 students

Plasticity of Time (60x60 Burgundy Mix) performance at Wfestival, Stockholm, Sweden


Another 60x60 event including my piece Plasticity of Time is being hosted at Wfestival in Stockholm, Sunday, Oct. 3.

60x60 contains 60 works from 60 different composers. Each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration sequenced together to create a one hour performance. Highlighting the work of a great many composers, 60x60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting the diverse array of styles, aesthetics and techniques being used today.

60x60 Burgundy Mix concert at Stanford Unversity


Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics is hosting a performance of the 60x60 Burgundy Mix which includes my piece Plasticity of Time.

60x60 contains 60 works from 60 different composers. Each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration sequenced together to create a one hour performance. Highlighting the work of a great many composers, 60x60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting the diverse array of styles, aesthetics and techniques being used today.

Plasticity of Time (60x60 Burgundy Mix) performance at City University London


My piece Plasticity of Time will be performed as part of the 60x60 Burgundy Mix, hosted by City University London's City University Concert Series.

60x60 contains 60 works from 60 different composers. Each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration sequenced together to create a one hour performance. Highlighting the work of a great many composers, 60x60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting the diverse array of styles, aesthetics and techniques being used today.

60x60 Performance at the International Computer Music Conference


My short electronic composition Plasticity of Time is being performed as part of the 360 Degrees of 60x60 series, beginning next week.

From the 60x60 website:

This version of 60x60 is called 360 degrees of 60x60 concert is sponsored in part by the International Computer Music Association (ICMA) – The works included in the mix were created specifically for the 2010 ICMC RED Edition (International Computer Music Conference) presented by Stony Brook University in New York City and Stony Brook. Six 60x60 mixes featuring 360 pieces from different composers throughout the world will presented during the conference and at remote concerts around the globe.
The 6 different mixes are all named a different shade of red to honor the RED edition of ICMC: 60x60 Burgundy mix, Crimson mix, Magenta mix, Sanguine mix, Scarlet mix, and Vermilion mix. Each mix is one hour long and contains different composers totaling to 360 different works each by different composers from many different countries around the world.

Where We Live Screening at USC


I’ve had the great privilege of working with skilled director Fady Hadid on his documentary film, Where We Live, about the plight of Iraqi refugees settling in the United States.  The film follows one family as they adjust to their new life in California and recounts the tragic events leading up to their flight from Baghdad.

Friday, May 7 at 7:30pm
at Norris Cinema Theatre, USC

Except for the Only screening with Sonic Boom


Director Aaron Auerbach's fantastic experimental film, Except for the Only, will be screening at the California Institute of the Arts as part of Immortal Metal, an evening of works performed by CalArts' experimental rock group Sonic Boom. Under the direction of Ulrich Krieger, Sonic Boom will have the difficult task of realizing a live version of the musical score I composed for Aaron's film, which originally consists of ambient textures and heavily processed acoustic sounds.

Monday, May 3 at 8:00pm
at R.O.D. Concert Hall, California Institute of the Arts
free admission

24700 McBean Pkwy., Valencia, CA

The ASTO Museum of Art presents - Eccentricities: Original Works By Robert Allaire and Natalie Metzger


The ASTO museum of Art Event Series is sponsoring an evening concert of work by composer Robert Allaire and choreographer Natalie Metzger.

Saturday, May 1 at 7:30pm
at The ASTO Museum of Art
Cost: $7 at the door

4505 Huntington Dr. South, Los Angeles

Enjoy an evening of new, original works exploring the intersection of contemporary music and dance. Repeat collaborators Robert and Natalie have joined forces again to engulf you into a dark world where insanity entangles, sex detaches, and God judges.

The California E.A.R. Unit with Sonic Boom: Lou Reedís Metal Machine Music


I'm very excited to be joining the California E.A.R. Unit as an accordionist in a performance of Ulrich Krieger's transcription of Lou Reed's guitar feedback epic, Metal Machine Music. The first performance will be Tuesday, April 20 at REDCAT (housed in downtown Los Angeles's Disney Concert Hall), with a follow up performance Wednesday, April 21 at UC Irvine.

From the REDCAT website:

Ulrich Krieger’s latest electroacoustic version of Lou Reed’s audacious 1975 double-LP guitar feedback epic is the occasion for this expertly rendered hour-plus of clangorous mayhem from the California E.A.R. Unit and Krieger’s Sonic Boom outfit. First transcribed and arranged for chamber orchestra in 2002, Krieger’s score has as one of its biggest fans none other than Reed himself—so much so that the iconic rocker joined in with the German avant-garde ensemble Zeitkratzer for the work’s world premiere. The new adaptation of Metal Machine Music, part of an ongoing project by Krieger, seizes on the complex orchestral scope of Reed’s original, its modal use of pitch and rhythm, its bold yet intricate colors, and its sheer freewheeling, hard-rocking gutsiness—with the virtuoso players of the E.A.R. Unit and Sonic Boom coaxing from their instruments the improbable deep noise that Rolling Stone once called “the tubular groaning of a galactic refrigerator.”

8 Track Mind Nominated for best Music Game App 2009


8 Track Mind is one of 10 nominees for best music game 2009.

Love Songs of a Third Grade Teacher Premiere


The romantic comedy feature I composed additional music for is screening January 16th at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Love Songs of a Third Grade Teacher is the true story of school teacher and punk rock singer Sabrina Stevenson. Directed by Michaela von Schweinitz.

8 Track Mind headed for the App Store


8 Track Mind is headed for the Apple app store! Check it out soon! You can also become a fan on facebook.

From the Improbable Sciences website:

8 Track Mind is a unique puzzle game and an interactive musical composition available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. It's not a rhythm game, or a Simon Says game, it's much more. Part mind-bending puzzle and part interactive music box, 8 Track Mind challenges your ears with slick beats and cool original tunes. There are over 160 tracks of original music. Play them. Mix them. Match them. Listen to the music at the beginning of each level, then mix and match the tracks to recreate what you heard to solve the musical puzzle. Or just groove away by combining the tracks into your own mix.

GhostCom showing at the Santa Clarita Street Art Festival


GhostCom, the interactive sound installation I collaborated on with the SoundGamePublicSpace workshop at CalArts will be shown for the weekend at the Santa Clarita Street Art Festival. GhostCom is an audio scavenger hunt that uses custom built, arduino-based technology to guide participants in an exploration of a specific location. Each participant gets a small black box with headphones that plays audio clues that lead to various locations within a space. The partipant follows the clues to find a small RFID tag which can then be scanned with the black box, which will then provide clues to find the next tag. My credits on the project include writer, composer, sound designer, and voice actor.

Sonic Boom to perform Except for the Only


The CalArts ensemble, Sonic Boom, is slated to perform a live version of the score I wrote to Aaron Auerbach's fantastic film, Except for the Only. The showing of the film with live score will most likely happen in spring of 2010. Stay tuned!

A Werewolf Film featured in Animation Magazine


Animation Magazine's September issue calls my score for Noel Belknap's A Werewolf Movie "perfect!"

Bianca Gisselle's Shades of a Year released


I wrote string parts for a couple tracks on Bianca Gisselle's debut album Shades of a Year which is now available online!

8 Track Mind - a music based iPhone game


I'm very excited to be teaming up with iPhone developer Kris Harris and Improbable Sciences to develop and release a music based game for the iPhone, 8 Track Mind.

One thing that is so special about this game is that it really is an interactive musical application, allowing the player to make compositional decisions and create music. The game is essentially music you play like a game.