Independent Release, 2011

About Sacrament:

"...effectively conjures up the age-old struggle between spirit and science..."

- Caliper Music

"Whilst clocking at just over thirty minutes, Sacrament makes quite an impression, its desolate soundscapes and the way they are applied proving particularly captivating."

- The Milk Factory

Sacrament — a dark, barely minimal, hardly restrained piece in five movements — is the solo debut of composer Robert Allaire. The album was originally composed for choreographer and dance film artist Natalie Metzger's award-winning, same-titled dance theater epic — an immersive descent into a world of mysticism, cultism, memory, violence, death, and destruction. 

The music takes on the semblance of a living machine, and much of the unique, organic sound was created in part by filtering harsh electronic noises through the recorded sounds of the composer's own body and breath. Undulating synths combine with slowly evolving rhythms and aggressive noise patterns to create a tapestry which swings between powerful energy and delicate beauty. 

Produced, written, and performed by
Robert Allaire
Mixed by
Paul Corley
Mastered by
Robert Allaire