Special Blood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Independent Release, 2016

About Special Blood:

Four patients with a dramatic, rare disease fight to live normal lives. Faced with a life-threatening condition, they join together to conquer adversity, finding strength in each other and their small but strong community.

Special Blood is an intimate look into the personal lives and struggles of rare disease patients in America. Filmmaker Natalie Metzger uncovers stories of inspiration, struggle, and death come too early. As she enters the community which they have created around their shared disease, she shows us how these brave underdogs are changing the future for rare disease patients on a global scale.

Solo Vocals
Bianca Gisselle
Solo Viola
Andrew McIntosh
Solo Cello
Derek Stein
Mixed by
Dan Blessinger
Orchestrated by
Jordan Cox
Conducted by
Peter Bateman
Orchestra recorded by
Milton Gutierrez
Performed in Los Angeles by
Cinema Scoring
Recorded at
The Bridge Recording Studio